Property Agent: are you making the same mistake?

A lot of property agents have been facing the similar problem when advertising online. 

They spend loads of money online but could not get their ideal results in the end.

Indeed they get loads of leads and were not able to close deals eventually.

What is wrong with their online advertising?
We have seen that many people have been successfully close tons of deals by advertising online but in property, it is going to be a different story.

The common mistake that I have seen is that property agents have the misconception about posting online, which they think they posting the products itself may trigger their prospects interest.

Indeed it is workable for any other businesses but in the field of property, it is otherwise. 

There are loads of property agents posting up housing photos, which people are totally not interested because what trigger people interests is not the exterior of the building, in the contrary, the interior facility build their interest. 

Usually people post the housing photo that looks similar to the image from the left with the caption, 'new project is up'  also with pricing and Square ft. 

It is not right or wrong but in terms of effectiveness, it is not the ideal way to do it. 

Instead, to create a post that increases the awareness and interaction, you can shoot two pictures with the comparison of two different interior facilities. 

By comparing, you can create the caption with something like "which one do you prefer?" or "which would you choose if you were to live in". 

This will not only trigger people interests, it also have people interact with you; they more they interact, the higher credibility you gain from them. 

By the way, posting cheques or bills does not make it more attractive. 

So, we have talked about online marketing, let's go into online advertising. "How do you advertise online?"

Talking about online advertising, agents tend to make the same mistake which they advertise their company brand 

As an agent, the biggest goal of yours is to sell your property; therefore, you should not advertise your company instead.

What you should go for is advertise your projects online so that your prospects would know what you are currently offering. 

When you advertise your company brand online, first, your company will be much appreciated your job because you are helping them to create awareness and building their brand.

Secondly, yes you would get many leads but at the end of the day, you can hardly close a deals as your prospects do not know what you are selling. 

We have talked about the don'ts, let's talk about how you should do it.

In most cases, photos still work very well however, if you would up your online advertising game, videos definitely your first choice to go for.

According to Inman, buyers are 85% more likely to work with the listing agent who uses video, which in other words, home listed with videos get four times the inquiries compared to home listed without videos. 

Because through videos, it shows the professionalism of yours; thus, it is indirectly telling your prospects that you are the only one they should go for.

Lastly, back to the basic, conversion. How do you convert is the key that you earn money. 

Remember that people do not buy product, they buy emotions. 

When you are able to evoke your prospects emotions, you are more likely to close the deal.

Fear, worry and doubt are the basic emotions that help you close the deal when your prospects are being triggered by one of these elements.

People fear of losing so they buy; people worry about not having they buy; people curious and when they know more about the product they buy.

So how to evoke their emotions? Storytelling is so far the best way of triggering people emotions.

Here you have it. Start to advertise your "PROJECTS HOUSING" and remember, not housing photos and company brand should be up, instead go after your projects and do some interesting and interacting post that trigger prospects' interest.

Evoke their emotions. Storytelling plays a vital in closing deals.

Keep in mind the THREE ELEMENTS (Fear, Worry & Doubt) that mentioned above. 

I'll see you on the other side (your success). Peace!!


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