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9 secretive Facebook marketing tips are discovered

There are a few of interviews have been asking the generation Z and 00s about how do they see the social media sites nowadays, which surprisingly bring out that some social media giants haven’t been in their list as they see it as an old machine.  Well, I say, for businesses, an old machine is still a machine as long as it is suitable for the business, everything is good enough.  Social media cannot be more popular in this era as a lot of things are done through social media such as making new friends, doing business, be famous on the live-streaming channel and so on.  However, in some cases, people do realize that the number of the followers is not growing.  It is not because of system failure but just simply that they do not know how to manage their social media account.  Here are some tips that you can get away with it. 1.) Create a plan for your channels Let's quote in a saying, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.  This is so

Get to know 31 Digital Marketing facts that you never knew in 5 minutes

Talking about digital marketing, our mind definitely pop out several options like Facebook marketing, Google AdWords, content marketing and blogs and so on. In other words, we are all familiar with it. Not only does it create humongous revenue for online advertisers but also makes things globalize and allow people from the other side of the world get to know a product from different countries. This is why marketers are willing to spend $580 billion on online advertising (source: Emarketers, 2017). No further ado, let the facts and statistics below do the speaking. Marketers have spent more money on advertising in online platforms than traditional platforms and it is estimated to reach $750 Billion by 2021. (source: emarketers, 2017) Advertise on mobile has dominated among other online advertising platforms Consumers are four times more likely to watch video ads rather than reading text ads as it is way more vivid when marketers try to convey their message. Brands that hav