How E-Commerce seller should choose to advertise?

Most of the time, we hear people saying that e-commerce has been difficult because of the competitive market. Before we get into the topic - how do you choose to advertise online, let's play pretend; pretending you are the customers of your product.

What do you want to hear from the seller (you)? 

Craft the message or so-called sales copy that can attract your prospects. Then only you choose which channel to go on.

Let's see how do you choose channel:

Because the following is the strategy for you to choose the right platform to advertise on, you have to very clear about the nature of your products. 
Whether it is easy to be found or is it required to be searched? Other than that, you also need to be very clear who your target audience is and the needs of your prospects. 

1. Facebook

The nature of Facebook is being a platform that have you to meet you friends regardless new or old. However, marketers see it as a opportunity that draw your prospects to your website or even beautifully designed landing page. 


Facebook grasp our behavior when we like, share and even comment on a post or a page. Through this, when you advertise on Facebook, you are able to target to the audience that you want precisely by according to their daily activities. Do you know that through Facebook, you are able to know how many people are interested in your business? 

Audience Insight helps you to figure out any statistics that you want to know.

For example, I want to know how many people in Malaysia are interested in E-Commerce, Facebook shows the stats like 49% of women and 51% of men are interested in that. So, when you advertise through Facebook, instead of targeting men and women, you can choose to only target men who are interested in E-Commerce. Thus, the results will meet your ideal expectations, then draw those target audience to your landing page directly. 

2. Google AdWords
Google is a keywords drive platform that have rank you up when people search for certain keywords that related to your business. As mentioned, above you have to clear if your products are required to be searched, Google AdWords is the first choice to go for. If you have low budget or zero budget for Google advertising, through optimizing SEO, you'll be able to rank higher.

How to do SEO? 

The fundamental way is content writing like blogs. How to write an effective blog, read HEREIf you have budget on advertising on Google, AdWords will help you rank up to the highest. So, to be visible on Google, keywords play an important role here. Most of the time, people got lost because they do not know how effective will the keywords be, so that it can make them visible. 

If you are one of them, I recommend this two tools for you.

Google Trend 

In Google trends, you are able to see the latest and trendy keywords that related to your business. You can also search by countries as in which country is currently trending the keywords. Other than that, you can also compare two to three keywords and see which keywords get the most results.


Ubersuggest is similar to Google Trends, however, there is slightly different from Google Trends. The area that Ubersuggest cover is broader and wider than Google Trends, which it covers website, YouTube, Image, News and so on. Instead of just only keywords, you are able to search for images through Ubersuggest. Besides, you can easily swap languages to the one you would like to target. 

For example, if you would like to target Spain, you can shift the language to Spanish so that you know what Spanish language of the particular keywords is currently trending. 
So having these tools, you can start to look for the keywords now and do Google AdWords or Google SEO now. 

3. YouTube

If your business is new to the market, YouTube should be in your online marketing and advertising list. YouTube is the platform that helps you to boost your credibility. When people trust your brand you are more likely to close more deals. 

Do you know that YouTube has it's SEO too? 

Have you realised you are required to add tags to it before you publish it? 
This is just one of it, before proceed to YouTube paid ads, you can use VidIQ to check your SEO guideline. 

VidIQ is free, however, you can upgrade to access further features. 
Similarly, this is also a keywords drive platform; so you are able to boost your video through Google AdWords. 

You may have heard of storytelling; by utilizing video marketing, you are able to give your prospects a deeper insight of your product. On top of that, for storytelling, I am not saying tell a story about your product as a whole, instead, every single details of your product should have a story.

Here you have most channels to advertise on, but it seems like something is missing here.

What else do you need?

We need landing page for your particular product instead of your whole company products.

Do you know that landing page for particular product has a higher conversion compared to website?

You may be wondering why should you have a landing page when you have already had a website. 
In most business, especially E-Commerce, landing page is significantly important. The reason is that landing page is more focus than website because website contain too many products which is seen as the noise that distract your prospects.

Last tool that I want to recommend to you, AdsHelper. 

AdsHelper is a Digital Advertising tool, simply simplified your online advertising process. 
What I recommend the most is the landing page which is completely suitable for E-Commerce. If you would like to know about AdsHelper Landing Page builder check out the link below:

As a E-Commerce seller, after know how to choose to advertise online, by now, you should know which platform to go for. After all, digital advertising consists of several steps regardless Facebook, Google, YouTube or WeChat.

What I want to say is you don't have to hire someone to manage digital advertisement but to manage it yourself with the tools provided above. 
These tools have simplified the whole process and budget on ads. 

So, don't waste your time and maximize your profit by advertise online.


Links to the tools:
Google Trends:


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