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Landing Page vs Home Page

Landing Page vs Home Page Many of you probably are thinking of what is a “Landing Page” and what makes it so different than “Home Page” … Let me tell you what it is. If you just started a business and you’re thinking of making a website that is probably the best way to go. This homepage that you make will be where your customer go to view all of your services and also your products. Landing page on the other hand is a bit different. Why? Because landing page should a destination that you create for your visitors to come and see which will ended up buying your products. Let me share with you some examples. AdsHelper’s Website: AdsHelper’s Landing Page: When we talk about a good homepage, we will know that it include the following details such as: ·       Its own domain (like ) ·       Give the overview of what your business is all about ·       Tell those that view your page t