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Landing Page vs Home Page

Landing Page vs Home Page Many of you probably are thinking of what is a “Landing Page” and what makes it so different than “Home Page” … Let me tell you what it is. If you just started a business and you’re thinking of making a website that is probably the best way to go. This homepage that you make will be where your customer go to view all of your services and also your products. Landing page on the other hand is a bit different. Why? Because landing page should a destination that you create for your visitors to come and see which will ended up buying your products. Let me share with you some examples. AdsHelper’s Website: AdsHelper’s Landing Page: When we talk about a good homepage, we will know that it include the following details such as: ·       Its own domain (like ) ·       Give the overview of what your business is all about ·       Tell those that view your page t

How E-Commerce seller should choose to advertise?

Most of the time, we hear people saying that e-commerce has been difficult because of the competitive market.  Before we get into the topic - how do you choose to advertise online, let's play pretend; pretending you are the customers of your product. What do you want to hear from the seller (you)?   Craft the message or so-called sales copy that can attract your prospects.  Then only you choose which channel to go on. Let's see how do you choose channel: Because the following is the strategy for you to choose the right platform to advertise on, you have to very clear about the nature of your products.  Whether it is easy to be found or is it required to be searched?  Other than that, you also need to be very clear who your target audience is and the needs of your prospects.  1. Facebook The nature of Facebook is being a platform that have you to meet you friends regardless new or old.  However, marketers see it as a opportunity that draw your prospects to your

Property Agent: are you making the same mistake?

A lot of property agents have been facing the similar problem when advertising online.  They spend loads of money online but could not get their ideal results in the end. Indeed they get loads of leads and were not able to close deals eventually. What is wrong with their online advertising? We have seen that many people have been successfully close tons of deals by advertising online but in property, it is going to be a different story. The common mistake that I have seen is that property agents have the misconception about posting online, which they think they posting the products itself may trigger their prospects interest. Indeed it is workable for any other businesses but in the field of property, it is otherwise.  There are loads of property agents posting up housing photos, which people are totally not interested because what trigger people interests is not the exterior of the building, in the contrary, the interior facility build their interest.  Usually p