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Audience or Community? Build your community with these easy steps

Before we get started, let us clarify the difference between the audience and the community. The difference between audience and community I am sure that you have heard about audience and community since the day you involved in the online marketing industry. At the very first stage, we have never been taught the difference between audience and community and probably perceive it the same way as they are your potential customer that receive your message. Coming to the intermediate stage, which I think you are, audience and community are in fact have a huge difference. Here's the simple definition of both; Audience : Passive reader which is usually a one-way communication  This meaning that your audience most likely to receive your message, however, they tend to not reply to your message. Besides, they do not share opinions or thoughts to the people who are listening to you. Therefore, in this stances, you can hardly find out what your target audience's i

Content Marketing: Long-content vs Short-content

Today, companies are spending times to write a quality content which is not quite relevant to the products or services that they sell but related to their industry. As a matter of fact, they could just spend time on something that is actually adding value to their products and services. Why do they have to do that? Before getting into "why", let us clarify what content marketing is.  What is content marketing? The simple definition of content marketing is that it is a strategic marketing that delivers valuable, relevant and consistent content to the customers in order to attract and retain the defined audience. (source: content marketing institute ) Often times, when we talk about content marketing, you may just say blogging, indeed, the easiest and the most popular way to do content marketing is blogging. However, instead just blogging, there are several types of ways to create content, such as videos, podcasts, social media content or whatever media