4 tips why storytelling can help in your business

We all know that children loves story telling especially bedtime fairy stories.

In fact, all of us love story telling as we have been fostered from this nature.

Ever since we were born, story telling has always been the first form that used to communicate. 

Now, it is still the center form of our daily communication.

For example, every time you try to express your idea, you are unintentionally using the story telling form.

Now you get the idea why story telling is the best policy. 

So, how does story telling really helps in business?

In conclusion, people love stories. 

I don't want to say how people love stories because it's science that our brain works.

But what I can tell you is we were built from the environment

Therefore, instead of trying so hard to control the message, storytelling create the context that invokes our emotions. 

Remember that a good salesmen don't make you buy the products, instead, they make you buy the emotions.


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