An advice to startups' entrepreneurs from AdsHelper CEO

"You don't grow a team to start a business, instead, you start a business with growing a team alongside."  

Lately, DZ News Media was interviewing Jaff, who is the founder cum CEO of AdsHelper, about the short yet long entrepreneurship journey. 

Talking about entrepreneurship, Jaff shared quite a lot of ideas in different aspects.

After gave up on his high-paid salary and join the startups field, definitely he got enlightened quite a lot throughout the journey.

To Jaff, growing a team is the priority because at the end of the day, team is the key to grow and sustain your business.

"At the early stage when there were only few mates in my team, we did a lot of things together; for example, wall painting, assembling tables and floors, these are all the significant way to create the working atmosphere". 

Jaff added that by creating these atmosphere, he appreciates and believes that those works has led to the relationships where they have today. 

He believes that the right team would not only grow the business but to keep the business running smoothly and keeping it alive. 

Read full in Mandarin HERE.

How do you be seen by Angel Investors?
This must be the most frequently asked question. 

A lot of Angel Investors are entrepreneurs as well, therefore, they understand how a startup would suffer.

So, from Jaff's experience, which he failed quite many times, he believes that most of the time, Angel Investors do not see how the project is working, instead, they judge by the person who present to them. 

Of course, in certain time, the project itself has to be workable so that the investors would invest on. 

Keep in mind that Angel Investors would not see the direct ROI of the project, instead, they see the potential growth as the priority.

Read full in Mandarin HERE.

What exactly AdsHelper is?
Let's see what AdsHelper do.

AdsHelper provides the simplest online advertising tools that have you create your ad banners and landing pages, and you are able to publish them directly to Facebook and Google just by using AdsHelper.

Of course, templates and sizes are provided and available for all users. 

No designing skill needed for the ad banner; no coding skill needed for the landing page.

Last but not least, thank you DZ News Media for featuring AdsHelper. Read full story in Mandarin HERE:


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