9 secretive Facebook marketing tips are discovered

There are a few of interviews have been asking the generation Z and 00s about how do they see the social media sites nowadays, which surprisingly bring out that some social media giants haven’t been in their list as they see it as an old machine. 

Well, I say, for businesses, an old machine is still a machine as long as it is suitable for the business, everything is good enough. 

Social media cannot be more popular in this era as a lot of things are done through social media such as making new friends, doing business, be famous on the live-streaming channel and so on. 

However, in some cases, people do realize that the number of the followers is not growing. 

It is not because of system failure but just simply that they do not know how to manage their social media account. 

Here are some tips that you can get away with it.

1.) Create a plan for your channels

Let's quote in a saying, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. 

This is so true that most people don't have their kind of standard operating procedure (SOP).

Before planning, you have to ask yourself "what is your aim to the page?", "what do you expect to have from your page?". 

After having that, you have to plan out what are you going to do in order to get the result.

For example, do the targeting job, publish some teasing post as in the open questions. This helps you to get to know what type of your audience is.

Therefore, you could expose posts that they would be more likely to read, thus, to increase the audience engagements.

2.) Post consistently

As part of the plan, posting consistently does not mean to post immediately one after one or simply bombard your audience once in a time.

By bombarding your audience, you will not get the result that you want, instead, you will just scare them away. 

Consistently means to schedule what you are going to post and by what time you are publishing it.

This helps you to retain your audience or so-called followers stay on your page.

On top of that, by scheduling your posting time, you will be able to reach to the right person, at the right time, at the right place.

3.) Use Keywords

Yes, keywords. You might think that why should you use keywords in your posts since you are not doing sponsored ads.

Think another way, imagine when people want to search for your particular post, what should they write in the search bar?

As the sophisticated algorithm of the search engine, using keywords will help you to get exposed easily.

4.) Hashtags

Despite the decline of organic reach on Facebook, hashtag helps to combat this problem and expand reach and get more impressions. 

However, random hashtags will not effectively work. 

Before adding hashtags, make sure to research popular hashtags and add it to your post.

5.) Interaction

Will you be happy when you talk to a guy but that guy does not even bother? Obviously, the answer is no.

Same applies here. Interaction is important for you to retain your followers, audience or whatsoever. 

From now on, reply any comments on your post, retweet some others' tweet where you think it is important or useful. 

Engage more with your audience or followers so that they would feel the involvement.

6.) Set a theme for your channel

We have mentioned consistency before, set a theme for your channel is about consistency too. 

Theme, in other words, is your own brand. You manage your brand, you do your branding and have people a reason to follow you.

Because of the diversity on the internet, you have to think of it from the perspective of a consumer, they have thousands of options to follow “why should they follow you?” 

Make it the reason for them to follow you. This is a way to attract followers.

7.) Build a community

We have been talking about the Facebook page, but what we really forget is the power of groups.

Instead of just following other communities, you can build it yourself. Create your own group and build your own community.

The difference between group and page is that followers would not get notified when you post something on the page, however, followers would get notified whenever you post something up in your group. 

Thus, your community will be more likely to receive the message that you have sent out. Isn't it great?

Other than that, building a community helps to absorb new ideas from another local small business group that connected to your community.

Apparently, sharing is the model of growing your business according to the current trend. 

8.) Test

In the marketing industry, there is no right or wrong answer but try and error. 

You will never get to know the right or wrong answer because of the diverse market, your audience is barely right.

Therefore, to lower the possibilities of getting the wrong answer, testing will be the solution. 

Most of the successful marketers suggest that A/B testing is a useful yet effective tip that gets you to the right market.

Test everything to know your target audience. As mention, there is diversity on the internet which means it is not easy to reach target market without doing any test. 

There could be different testing, for instance, captions, images, your audience, locations and so on. Test everything until you get the most out of it.

9.) Analytics

Analyzation plays an important after testing. 

Why analyzation plays an important is because over 40% of businesses do not track their social media ROI (source: DreamGrow) which leads them to no idea whether or not they are doing it right. 

Analyzing is simpler these days as many of social media platforms have already analyzed (rate, impression, reach, engagement, etc) for users or businesses. 

secret tip: you can track your website traffic through certain websites like Hotjar and Google Analytics.

Check your result, I am sure that you'd be excited when checking it.

In conclusion

Now you have exposed the secretive Facebook marketing tips, so, try out everything since it does not cost you anything. 

Try and error is the journey that every one of us has to get through in order to success; but remember, to track the result after testing.

Please be reminded that interaction is important too as the most fundamental thing that we, human beings, do is interaction or communication. Talk to your followers, let them engage with what you do.

So, good luck and enjoy these tips.


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