Landing Page vs Home Page

Landing Page vs Home Page

Many of you probably are thinking of what is a “Landing Page” and what makes it so different than “Home Page”

Let me tell you what it is.

If you just started a business and you’re thinking of making a website that is probably the best way to go. This homepage that you make will be where your customer go to view all of your services and also your products.

Landing page on the other hand is a bit different.


Because landing page should a destination that you create for your visitors to come and see which will ended up buying your products.

Let me share with you some examples.

AdsHelper’s Website:

AdsHelper’s Landing Page:

When we talk about a good homepage, we will know that it include the following details such as:

·      Its own domain (like

·      Give the overview of what your business is all about

·      Tell those that view your page that there are other ways to connect such as your social media.

·      Connects your important pages to your website

Different than what landing page can do because landing page only do the following:

·      The most important duty for a landing page is to prompt user to take action (such as register now, sign up now, or even buy now)

·      Unlike the homepage it create a needs to stay focus on only one topic or maybe what the business is trying to see throughout the page (such as product/workshop/offer)

·      Landing page doesn’t have to be permanent. Instead it can be done through a duration of time or even the duration the campaign is taking place. Different than the website because it is permanent.

Remember, Landing Page and Homepage are not the same.

Homepage is the home for your business. Like I said earlier it is the place where visitors come, view and go.

Different than the landing page like stated above, it is driven with a purpose. Squeezing out every sign-up, opt-in and sales if possible.

So, how do you tell the difference homepage and landing page?

Easy …

When we view a homepage, you will see that it is design for many purposes and use. This is because homepage requires you to do your own exploration, click on links and navigate to certain points in the page.

Homepage is not for conversion.

As for Landing page, it is very precise. It contains only one call to action. This will limit you to minimal viewing of the audiences which will led the page to just focus on once specific campaign.

Now, the biggest question would be “How to make a good Landing Page?”

Let me share with you some tips that can help you to make one awesome landing page.
(1)  Video is the New Trend
New way of making your page more interesting is the usage of video to grab the attention of the viewers. This can be a new way to entertain your visitors at the same time, share the content with them.

(2)  Killer Amazing Headline
Usually what catches the attention of the audience is the killer headline. Strongly recommend to use the R.O.T method (Result, Outcome, Timeline). Example: Lose 10kg with walking in 5 days. Seems like a good start to go about.

(3)  Offer of a Lifetime
Believe it or not, visitors always look for that INCREDIBLE EPIC SUPER COOL offer you have to give. Tell them all about the offer and why it ROCKS, then you’re good to go.

(4)  The Content
Provide them with SUPER DUPER EPIC AWESOME CONTENT. Visitors visit your landing page because they are interested with the information, but remember to only provide them with the right info that will interest your audience and nothing more.

(5)  Simple is Better
Make sure it is SHORT, SWEET and SIMPLE. Sometimes less is better. Only provide them with the right and necessary information. Don’t overwhelm them.

(6)  Easy as 1-2-3
The goal of every landing page is to make it possible for visitors to convert. Direct them from point A and B the right action call. If it is a form submission, make sure it can be seen clearly. If it is something to buy, make a button that scream click me!

(7)  It is Always About Them
At the end of the day, visitors visit your landing page because it clicks to their needs. So, when you make a landing page, show that you care about them but asking what you can do to help or how you can help them shape a better future. (it doesn’t matter which field it is, just write it is all about them.

So, at the end of the day…

If you’re paying money to send your audience to your homepage – you’re wasting your money.

Create your landing page and make sure you send them there. Not your home page.

Direct them straight to the point. READY, SET, GO!

If you don’t have a landing page yet, ask these questions.

·      What is the focus of the landing page?

·      Why exact action that you want your audience to take from this page?


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