9 Social Trends in 2018; good to know what's happening

Since the emergence of the social media, it has been evolving year by year. New social media platforms keep emerging and every single platform has got their own unique selling point and probably become the new trend. In order to fulfill the users' needs and wants, the online platform giants, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube,, etc, have been updating their features. These features become the new trend such as live streaming (though it was long ago), filter, frame and so on. So, let's see what new trends we have got in 2018.

The rise of Augmented Reality (AR)

Six years ago, Google launched its Google glass and announced to bring AR to the next level, however, the outcome was not ideally good. But now, there are several companies re-enter into this AR ring and successfully come out with AR apps. Other than social media creating AR app, Apple has announced that they have installed AR chip into their latest product, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, in order to provide their customer extr…

Is Artificial Intelligence going to take over your job?

Can you imagine, one day, your job has been taken over by a machine, and what lives around you are robots; there will be no taxi drivers; local post office will be operated by robots; what left you in the bank is just a greeting from a machine. This is caused by the emergence of the artificial intelligence.

So what exactly artificial intelligence is?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a program or a machine that helps in solving problems and completing tasks. It demonstrates at least some of the human intelligence such as planning, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion, and manipulation.

“Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.” Ray Kurzweil. However, in current stances, AI will not take over the world because a machine is still a machine, they are still incapable…

10 tips to boost your creativity

Before we get started, think about it, what is creative? How do you define creativity? The common definition of creativity is that turning imagination or original ideas into something that has never existed before. Well, in here, it is defined as a way of communication that is applied to convey or indicate a message differently; meanwhile, create audience resonance and reach the audience successfully in spite of the noise. So, how exactly do we improve our creativity? Here are some tips to be more creative.

1. Lateral thinking

This is the common way of getting a creative idea. Instead of one-way thinking, you will need to split the thinking into diverse way. Think from different perspective or direction and come up with different ideas eventually.

2. Imagination

Other than thinking, you have to have a small theatre inside your mind. Imagine everything; the possibilities may be your greatest ideas. Do not afraid to be fairy tales.

3. Play and pretend

After imagination, play and pretend the i…

The winner behind the sale of Uber to Grab in Southeast Asia

Grab has started to dominate the ride-hailing industry across Southeast Asia. Uber Technology Inc., once the major ride-hailing company, has announced to sell its operations in Southeast Asia to Grab as to withdraw from the war of fierce local rival. It is just part of the reasons that Uber wished to withdraw the operations from Southeast Asia; the main reason is that Uber is changing their plan and emphasize their operations towards its core market. 

The relationships between Softbank and Uber In the late last year, 2017, Uber announced that Softbank would be their long-anticipated investor. After a month of formalities, Softbank successfully became part of Uber and took up to 2 chairs in the Board of Uber and stood 14% of stakes. Softbank plays a consolidating role that to help Uber in maximizing their profit. In order to maximize their profit, Softbank held Uber to re-think the operations in Southeast Asia, thus, eventually, Uber agreed to sell its operations and took up to 27.5% of …

B2B advertising, Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads that stands out?

Recently, Facebook is undergoing the scandal regarding to the leak of users' personal information and the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, broke his silence five days after the scandal. He admitted the scandal and states that "it is a breach of trust between Facebook and people who share their data with us and expect us to protect it". However, today, we are not going to discuss this issue. What we are looking into today is that is Facebook still the best platform for B2B advertising, or LinkedIn worth it all?

As we know, Facebook is the leader of social media, it is no doubt that the number of users is huge. With thousands of millions of active users, certainly, marketers are much easier to target to a large portion of the audience. On the other hand, with the emphasis on the professional base platform, LinkedIn, marketers are cool to target straight to the right market. Either Facebook or LinkedIn, both has its own benefits and advantages. But which will win in the…

No blogs for today! But thank you.

Today, we have reached another milestone. Since AdsHelper is founded, we have been receiving quite a lot of compliments on our work. Even we pushed AdsHelper to the world-class tech conference, Web Summit.
However, this did not satisfy our greed and what satisfies our team is that being recognized by @Cat Penang. We proud to announce that our work and our story are featured in their blog post. Detail about our story is here.
We have nowhere to express our gratitude but to share this with our community. Once again, thank you @Cat Penang for the recognition. We truly appreciate it and hope that we could have an opportunity to collaborate in the near future.
And yes! Guys, remember to check @Cat Penang out about their work.

6 Reasons why Facebook ads is better than Google AdWords

When it comes to online advertising, what has come into your mind? Facebook and Google definitely. Facebook and Google, which one is better, this topic has been controversy since the emergence of both. Some says using Google can push CPC to its fullest, while others say Facebook has the largest amount of audience. However, in today’s topic, instead of comparing both of them, we are going to show how good is Facebook ads better than Google AdWords.
I.)Cost efficiency Both Facebook ads and Google AdWords are using auction method for marketers or users to bid for their ad inventories. If a marketer or user utilize the platform wisely, the advertising cost can be relatively low. However, according to Wishpond, regardless CPC, CPM or CPA, Facebook win the bidding game as it offer a lower cost. With Google AdWords, it is using keywords style for targeting. Therefore, there is more competition for keywords due to higher usage, which resulted in higher prices.
II.)Visualize Let us quote in a say…