🚀 Mega Feature Update: Unveiling the AI-Generated Magic

We're thrilled to introduce some incredible enhancements that will transform your creative experience on our platform.

1. Auto Generating Landing Page Content

Elevate your landing pages to the next level with our brand-new AI integration. Now, your landing pages will be powered by AI to generate content and select photos based on your description.

Creating stunning and engaging landing pages has never been easier! 🌟

💡 How to Use:

📌 Select the AI Magic button on right top corner of your landing page

📌 Select Your Tone

📌 Describe Your Content

📌 Let AI Work Its Magic

2. AI Generated Images

Now, alongside our extensive library of free stock photos, you have the power of AI to craft unique, eye-catching visuals.

Whether you're creating a captivating landing page or designing banners that pop, our AI-generated images are here to elevate your creativity.

Creating stunning and engaging landing pages has never been easier! 🌟

📌 Go to Images > Click on the AI-Magic icon

📌 Briefly describe the image you need – just like talking to a designer

📌 Choose how many images you want to generate

Happy designing! 🎨✨


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