9 Social Trends in 2018; good to know what's happening

Since the emergence of the social media, it has been evolving year by year. New social media platforms keep emerging and every single platform has got their own unique selling point and probably become the new trend. In order to fulfill the users' needs and wants, the online platform giants, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube,, etc, have been updating their features. These features become the new trend such as live streaming (though it was long ago), filter, frame and so on. So, let's see what new trends we have got in 2018.

The rise of Augmented Reality (AR)

Six years ago, Google launched its Google glass and announced to bring AR to the next level, however, the outcome was not ideally good. But now, there are several companies re-enter into this AR ring and successfully come out with AR apps. Other than social media creating AR app, Apple has announced that they have installed AR chip into their latest product, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, in order to provide their customer extraordinary augmented reality experiences. The co-operation between the social media platform and the mobile industry can be seen that augmented reality is mostly the trend in 2018

Live-streaming will continue its rising

Although it was mentioned above that the emergence of live-streaming has been long, it cannot be ignored that live-streaming is playing an important role among social media features. It is so normal that online seller has been on live for selling off their products, on the other hand, according to research, 80% of the audience would rather watch a live-streaming video than reading blogs content. Which means both seller or buyer are enjoying the live-streaming process. There are also many branded big and small start-ups are using live video to capture the attention of the audience and the outcome is surprisingly good. It is expected that live-streaming will be expanded as both audience and brands have settled into this format.

Social messaging overtook social media

It is not surprising that social media is on the rise but what shocks us is social messaging is rising tremendously. In the comparison with both big four social messaging apps (WhatsApp, Messengers, WeChat & Viber) and big four social media app (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter), both giants apps are rising but social messaging apps grow faster and higher than social media. In addition, it is predicted that messaging app will be expanding in 2018.

Artificial intelligence

AI has existed since the 1950s, however, in recent years, a lot of giants have started to invent the greater AI. We cannot underestimate the value of AI as the way that it helps the world is far beyond than our expectation. Read more here.

Gamification will expand to mobile app

People like gaming, however, they would prefer to game while interacting with others at the same time. Because of many companies have generated a gaming app with interactive features which in turns get pretty good results and revenue, it is a possibility that gamification in mobile app will be a new blend of social media with the gaming experience. It is just the matter of time. However, 2018 is likely going to be the right time for this blend and making a significant impact on it.

The decline of the organic reach

Since Facebook has changed its algorithm to prioritize posts from family and friends rather than pages, the organic reach on Facebook has fallen. Quite a number of users have mentioned that they have been experiencing such a fall and that is why it is expected that the organic reach will be dropping and declining in 2018. This must be a bad news but an actual forecast for Facebook users.

User-generated content (UGC) drive reach and engagement
Although the falls of the organic reach, user-generated content is here to save the business from the decline of the organic reach. Many major brands such as BMW, Burberry, Starbucks, etc report that user-generated content is part of their content strategies as it helps to drive reach and engagement. This feature has driven seven times higher engagement than brand-generated Facebook posts. 56% of respondents are more likely to buy a product after seeing a positive customer-generated post of it. Is it a new trend in 2018? Well, we leave this question for you to find out.

Business will be pouring money into social media
Be noted that marketers have turned their social media marketing into social media advertising as to combat the decline of the organic reach. The expenditure on the social media ads is rising globally and growing more than 20% annually. According to research, social media ads expenditure will overtake traditional media ads spending by 2020. In other words, the main reason that leads to this happen is business will be pouring money into social media and definitely social media advertising will be a trend in 2018.

Ad growth will accelerate

As the research above stated that by 2020, social media ads expenditure will overtake traditional media ads spending, this statement indicates that ad growth will accelerate in 2018.


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