6 Reasons why Facebook ads is better than Google AdWords

When it comes to online advertising, what has come into your mind? Facebook and Google definitely. Facebook and Google, which one is better, this topic has been controversy since the emergence of both. Some says using Google can push CPC to its fullest, while others say Facebook has the largest amount of audience. However, in today’s topic, instead of comparing both of them, we are going to show how good is Facebook ads better than Google AdWords.

I.)            Cost efficiency
Both Facebook ads and Google AdWords are using auction method for marketers or users to bid for their ad inventories. If a marketer or user utilize the platform wisely, the advertising cost can be relatively low. However, according to Wishpond, regardless CPC, CPM or CPA, Facebook win the bidding game as it offer a lower cost. With Google AdWords, it is using keywords style for targeting. Therefore, there is more competition for keywords due to higher usage, which resulted in higher prices. 

II.)           Visualize
Let us quote in a saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand of words’. It is true that people are more likely to get attracted from an image first than looking at a bunch of words. Facebook ads extremely emphasizes on images and videos, which will easily draw customers in. Compared to Facebook, Google AdWords is using keywords targeting, in other words, it is mostly text that Google is using for the ads. Though Google AdWords does has display ads, however, it is not as powerful as Facebook ads is.

III.)        Custom audience and lookalike audience
This advantage of Facebook is superb. Let us break it down. First, Facebook allow you to utilize custom audience for your targeting, which “allows you to reach previous customers through Facebook ads by uploading email lists and phone numbers that you’ve already gathered.” (Ignitevisibility). It is more likely to help you in getting back your previous customers to be interested again. Other than that, lookalike audience enable you to target people who are similar to your Custom Audience list. Therefore, you do not have to think of what sort of target audience should you be targeting to. Instead, these features help you to get back your previous customers. This feature apparently give Facebook Ads a significant boost over Google AdWords.

IV.)        Niche market targeting
Most of the time, Facebook is the place where diversity of people who are looking to connect and make friends; and what makes Facebook unique is the diversity of audience. Therefore, Facebook Ads targeting system has many options such as interests, demographics, psychographics, and location and so on, for the marketers or users who would like to publish their ads on Facebook. With targeting, Facebook enables marketers or users to target their niche market and make it more accurately and precisely.  

V.)           Advertise differently
Traditionally, we have seen tons of advertisements throughout our life. Those mainstream advertisement regardless online or offline are display ads, video ads and so on. In Facebook, however, it offers more than that as some other features of allowed users to advertise indirectly. For instance, Facebook ads can also direct users to a giveaway or contest to help collect email lists (lead generation) or build brand awareness. Other than that, you can also target geographically and let users know about a specific discount or limited promotion or current offer. Instead of stick to the traditional display ads or video ads, you are able to advertise differently or creatively with these features.

VI.)        Advertise creatively
As mentioned, Facebook is emphasized on display ads, this allows user to play with their display ads creatively. Not only can user play with the ads text, designing picture is another opportunity that user can play with. Ads images are significantly important as it attracts audience attention and certainly read the description below the ads for in-depth information. So, playing with Facebook ads, creativity plays much in vital role.

In conclusion, Facebook is not only Facebook anymore as they have bought many of different platforms, which help marketers to expand in their advertising. Such as Atlas ad network, it can be used as a tracking tool that helps to track the performance of ads. With its diverse audience, Facebook is able to reach immense target audience and target niche market. This is already good enough in advertising because if you have a brilliant idea for you ads but targeting to the wrong person, it would be a total waste. So targeting is one of the most important elements among advertising, however, with Facebook, you will be able to reach your niche market and will get a certain expected results.


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